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South African Fashion Series Part II: The Perfect Summer Dress

Walking through The Watershed in Cape Town and spotting this boutique was love at first sight. From the vibrant colors and prints to the fitted bodice and full skirt, it was as if the designer had masterfully created the perfect all-occasion summer dress.  The Nama Collection was at the top of my purchase list during my trip to South Africa and is the featured brand for Part II of my South African Fashion series. … Read More South African Fashion Series Part II: The Perfect Summer Dress


Create Festive Summer Looks with DIY Bow Tops and the Best Summer Visors

DIY fashion meets function this summer… Bow front tops are a perfect pick for summer festivals and even to find some relief during summer heat waves. Did you know that you can easily transform your long sleeve button down top into a DIY front bow top? For this style hack post, I am sharing how to easily create a bow front top, along with sharing my favorite … Read More Create Festive Summer Looks with DIY Bow Tops and the Best Summer Visors


Styling Red: Go Bold for a Valentine’s Day Look

With Valentine’s day around the corner, red is the color to wear if you are thinking about looks to celebrate the day of love. Wearing red can be daring on any day. It exudes boldness and confidence, and according to research, can also increase your perceived self-attractiveness (i.e a quick pick me up). Red dresses are a common go-to look for Valentine’s Day, but perhaps your plans … Read More Styling Red: Go Bold for a Valentine’s Day Look


Spice up Your Fall Wardrobe with Leopard Print

Leopard print is my neutral. Check out my favorite leopard print pieces from around the web and my tips on how to style them.


Playful Puff Sleeves by Petersyn

If there is one trend that I love with no signs of fading out soon, it is exaggerated sleeves. From ruffles, to bells, to puffs – I believe that fashion should be fun and creative. For this post, I am featuring a chic look that incorporates puff sleeves from an indie label I recently discovered. It is appropriate for the work place, so get … Read More Playful Puff Sleeves by Petersyn


Travel OOTD: A Day Trip through Northern Spain

A summer travel look and a day trip through Northern Spain…


Everyday Metallics – Style Tips

As a lover of all things embellished and sparkly – from pants, to clutches, to dresses, and shoes  – this post offers some style tips on styling metallic pieces into casual looks.


Four Ideas for Spring Cleaning your Wardrobe!

It’s spring! It is the perfect time to declutter your space, including getting rid of unwanted clothes. What do you do with your unwanted clothing? Did you know that taking clothes to donation centers is not always the best option? Check out these options that can bring new life into your unwanted (or unneeded clothes), or earn you some extra cash.


Flower Child: My Birthday OOTD

A psychedelic celebration and a look inspired by my inner hippie


Black Panther Fashion and Beyond: African Prints and Brands to Explore

Africa is and has always been a continent rich in natural resources, innovation, and creative potential and the fashion industry is no different. Here are a few brands to keep on your radar.