Everyday Metallics – Style Tips

Because every day is a disco…

Recently, one of my coworkers asked for some advice on how to incorporate metallics into his wardrobe. It was a timely conversation, as I was brainstorming this post on styling metallic accent pieces into your everyday looks. As a lover of all things embellished and sparkly – from pants, to clutches, to dresses, and shoes  – this post offers some style tips on styling metallic pieces into casual looks.

Wearing metallics is often associated with night time looks or festive occasion-wear, but metallics are appropriate for day time and casual looks as well. In general, a few points to consider when styling metallic pieces are choosing complimentary colors and choosing a single metallic piece to accent your look. I discuss these points in the examples below.

Metallic Shoes

My general philosophy for casual looks is to choose one accent piece as the focal point of the look.  These metallic oxfords, for example, can be worn in the work place. They look great with business casual looks (e.g. skirts, dresses, and slacks), as well as, jeans. I found the pair pictured above at DSW a few years ago. A similar look can be found here and here.

Another point to consider when styling metallic pieces is the color scheme of your outfit. I like pairing silver metallic pieces with cool colors, like blue. Gold metallics, on the other hand, pair well with neutral tones. Although styling metallic pants may seem a bit more challenging to pull off during the day, when styled appropriately they can still fit seamlessly into a daytime look.

Metallics Pants 2 (2)

The silver metallic pants I am wearing, found here, again pair well with blue. Since the pants are the statement piece, I kept the the rest of my outfit simple by pairing the pants with a blue and white tunic (I made this top myself) and a blue crochet duster (an old purchase).  A denim button down top or denim jacket paired with a similar silver metallic bottom would achieve the same effect.

Incorporating metallic pieces into your outfit is a simple way to add some pizzazz to an otherwise ordinary look. I hope these suggestions on styling metallic pieces are helpful. Thank you for reading! You can find more style inspiration on my Instagram account @ayannainbloom.

Have a great weekend!






Fashion and Discourse: A Fashion Revolution

The fashion revolution will be live.

Hello everyone! I can not believe it has been a month since my last blog post. There are a lot of exciting things happening in my life right now, including recently graduating with my doctorate degree in Public Health (Health promotion and Behavior)! It is a surreal moment. Also, Fashion Revolution Week was from April 23rd through April 29th, and it aligns with a project I am developing. For this post, I wanted to  reflect on what a Fashion Revolution means for me and my work as a public health professional. It is also a great time for me to introduce myself to my new subscribers and to share an exciting project that I am developing. Read until the end to see how you can  provide some input!

A bit of background information. I am a public health professional and most of my work centers on women’s health, maternal and child health, and nutrition. After a few medical mission trips to Haiti to provide medical care in the Central Plateau, I realized that while we were bringing necessary services to communities who have limited access to health care providers, without the infrastructure (health and economics), the work we were doing may not lead to meaningful progress or long term improvements within the lives of people we served.

Haiti Trip in 2011

That’s why organizations like Partners in Health are critical. They support communities, not only through charity services, but in building the infrastructure through which they can make long term impact. Income along with other social determinants are related to health.  Unfortunately, income inequality continues to grow worldwide with a smaller portion of the world’s population holding the majority of wealth, thus preventing the acceleration of human development among a large portion of the population. I understand the value of charity, but I also believe that more than charity, we need to dismantle oppressive systems and recreate sustainable systems that allow for economic resilience among our most vulnerable populations. This process further requires participatory and culturally relevant approaches with stakeholders providing input at each stage of the process.

More than charity, we need to dismantle oppressive systems and recreate sustainable systems that allow for economic resilience among our most vulnerable populations.

Back to fashion.  I longed to create intersections between what at first seemed like disparate passions, in public health and fashion, especially in a way that connects my love for working on issues related to women’s health and empowerment. I delved into this topic in a previous post, Shopping with Change, but seeing how companies are using fashion to create meaningful impact on the livelihoods of women around the world to me is the best of both worlds.

We know that lack of income, lack of access to resources, and poverty are issues that lead to cascading and generational challenges. Furthermore, income inequality can reinforce inequalities experienced in health, education, and work.  One of the tenets for the Manifesto for a Fashion Revolution is that “Fashion lifts people out of poverty, creates thriving societies and fulfills aspiration.”  When we invest in the social and economic development of women, like artisan women and other workers in the fashion industry who make our clothes, women are able to invest in the health and education of  themselves and their families.

One of the tenets for the Manifesto for a Fashion Revolution is that “Fashion lifts people out of poverty, creates thriving societies and fulfills aspiration.”

I am developing a project to improve the livelihood of artisan women and would greatly appreciate your feedback! You can access my brief survey HERE.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post! Thank you for reading! Share you thoughts in the comment section below.



Four Ideas for Spring Cleaning your Wardrobe!

There is no better time than spring to declutter your space, including getting rid of unwanted clothes. What do you do with your unwanted clothes? I learned in the Netflix documentary, The True Cost, that much of the clothing donated to donation centers, although well intended, never gets reused and eventually ends up in landfills where it contributes to pollution.


So, what are some other options? For this post, I am sharing some options that can bring new life into your unwanted (or unneeded clothes), or earn you some extra cash.

Barter and Trade

There are a variety of second-hand and thrift stores, but Buffalo Exchange is one of my favorite places to take unwanted clothes, especially when I am interested in trading my pieces in exchange for new styles. I purchased the dress below, made by French Connection, for a fraction of the listing cost after bringing in clothes to sell.  I recommend taking clothing here for a few reasons. First, they have a great selection of funky styles, vintage clothing, as well as, staples. Secondly, sellers receive 30% of the selling price in cash or 50% off of your in store purchase. I also like that, in place of shopping bags at check out, customers are given a token representing five cents, which is used to donate to one of three local charities selected by the customer.

French Connection Dress1

In my experience, Buffalo Exchange is pretty selective in the clothing they accept, buying items in styles that are currently selling well, so clothing is less likely to sit on racks. I recommend bringing your more stylish pieces here that are in excellent condition, as well as, staples like denim. I also suggest bringing your items for the upcoming season in advance, as they typically prepare for the next season a few months before the season begins.

Not a Buffalo Exchange in your area? Check out their sale by mail program.

Resale your Retail

For gently worn items that are still in great condition, another option is to sale them online through platforms, like Poshmark. From the app, users can list their own items for sale within a few minutes by taking a photo of the item from their phone, creating a product description, and listing the selling price. Poshmark provides the shipping label for free and receives 20% of each transaction over $15 ($2.95 for items priced below $15). It is a great option for selling unwanted clothes and allows sellers to get more monetary value from their items, in comparison to second-hand stores where sellers receive a percentage of the selling price. I have a new Poshmark account and you can follow me at ayannainbloom.

Recycle your Clothing

Did you know that as part of their sustainability initiative, H&M has a program that provides customers with a percentage off of their in-store purchase when they bring in clothes to donate? H&M partners with I:Collect to separate donated items into clothing that can be sold at second-hand stores and clothing that can be recycled or reused.

Recently, Miami-based fair trade store, Nomad Tribe, implemented a clothing drive and collected donated garments that were used to launch their first collection made of 100% recycled cotton. The collection includes pieces like the jumpsuit below. They are currently collecting more donated clothing for this recycled collection. Details are available here.

Nomad Tribe Recycled Cotton Jumper

Photo Credit: Nomad Tribe

A plus for these recycled clothing initiatives is that your clothing does not have to be in great condition. You can donate items that are discolored, torn, etc. and they can be repurposed into new items.

Refashioning & Upcycling Clothing

For  me, this is the most fun option. Old clothes still have a lot of potential! Upcycling is taking old products, like clothes or waste products, and repurposing them into  something new and useful. I’ve created shorts from old jeans and crop-tops from dresses I no longer wanted or needed. The trick here is using as much of the fabric as possible, however, so you don’t waste the rest. I’ll be sharing some refashioned clothing projects in future posts!


I hope you enjoyed this post and found some options for getting rid of your unwanted, or unneeded, clothing. Have you subscribed to my newsletter? Click on the link on the right before you leave to receive regular updates!

Thank you for stopping by! Happy spring cleaning!


Flower Child: My Birthday OOTD

My favorite month of the year is upon us. It’s my birthday month and over the weekend I threw a party to bring in my golden birthday and to celebrate successfully defending my dissertation, the last step along my journey to becoming Ph.D. Inspired by Woodstock and the hippie movement, it was a psychedelic celebration with outdoor seating, vegan food, a tie dye station, and fashion inspired by the era.


I enjoy dressing for themes because it allows me to be more creative. I’m always intrigued by costumes curated for historical pieces, like films and plays, and one of my bucket list experiences is to style an event, play, or even a film (The magic of thinking big, right?).

I wore a bohemian look to execute the party theme. I wanted my outfit to be both glamorous and casual, so I wore this maxi chiffon gown with beaded embroidery and thigh high splits (Ode to glamour!). I paired it with a velvet dark floral kimono (it’s actually a robe) and pink satin slippers to keep the look casual. It is a fun look to wear for a date night or girls’ night.


The accessories completed the bohemian aesthetic – wooden guitar earrings, a DYI flower crown, and a pearl necklace.


It was such a fun event and friends from near and far came to celebrate these milestones with me. I feel fortunate to have discovered passion and purpose at a young age and each day is a step towards fulfilling the vision. I am excited for the year ahead!

Thank you for stopping by!


Outfit Details: Dress (found here) || Velvet robe (found here) || Earrings (purchased at a festival) || Pink Satin Flats (purchased at Macy’s)







Black Panther Fashion and Beyond: African Prints and Brands to Explore

I have to start off by saying that the latest Marvel comic turned film, Black Panther, lives up to all of the anticipation. I, admittedly, was just as excited about the fashion in the movie. Costume Designer, Ruth Carter, masterfully creates Afrofuturistic fashion that is regal, creative, forward thinking (yes, that was 3-D printing used to make Angela Basset’s accessories in the picture below) and draws upon rich and diverse traditions across the continent (like the hand dyeing, beadwork, African lace, and even ‘sacred geometry‘). I loved the details and the homage to tradition, as represented by the armor and the warrior red color worn by Okoye, my favorite character and a member of Wakanda’s all-female group of warriors.

Here are a few of my favorite looks from the film.

Black Panther Bond Dress

Photo Credit: Marvel Studios

Black Panther Angela Bassett

Photo Credit: Marvel Studios


Photo Credit: Marvel Studios

What did you wear to see Black Panther?

For the past year, my social media has become increasingly  filled with posts about Black Panther and conversations describing what people planned to wear to see the film,  just one representation of the shift in cultural identification and a reclaiming of historic roots across Black Americans.

Africa is and has always been a continent rich in natural resources, innovation, and creative potential and the fashion industry is no different. As you are searching for African prints and accessories to construct your look for the movie, perhaps you are also thinking of supporting African businesses and incorporating African inspired looks into your wardrobe on an ongoing basis. Here are a few brands to keep on your radar.

1. Zuvaa at Afrikrea

Afrikrea is an e-commerce site, founded by Kadry and Moulaye, that brings together a wide range of fashion, and other products, inspired by Africa.  It is a great place to discover brands and designers from all around the world. The site also offers flexible payment options. I suggest doing some research on your own to find the origin of the products, however. Here are a few of my favorite looks from the site. These pieces are all made by Zuvaa.





2. MOYO by Bibi

Moyo by Bibi features luxury African inspired accessories, like the ones below, made by Kenyan artisans using traditional methods. The company, which launched in 2016, features a range of bold and vibrant accessories, including neck pieces and arm cuffs.



3. Loin Cloth & Ashes 

Loin Cloth & Ashes mixes tradition and new to create modern pieces.  The company was founded in 2008 by Anissa Mpungwe, who among other accolades in the fashion industry, was the first Black woman to win the Elle Talent competition. Some of my favorite pieces from the collection are the shirt dresses, like the one featured below.

Adika Shirt Dress by Loin Cloth & Ashes


4. Kifayath

Last on the list, but not least, is Kifayath.  Kifayath was founded by designer, Kifa Aoudou. As noted on their website, Kifayath “strives to showcase African talents”. The current collection features a line of pants suits, skirts, blouses, and trousers all made from 100% cotton batik in the pattern below. The ruffle skirt is my favorite, but I would wear every piece in the current collection.

Kifayath Ruffle Skirt


I hope you enjoyed this post and found some new brands to explore! As always, thanks for stopping by!




ASOS Brands You’ll Love

Hello everyone! I hope February is off to a great start.

With over 850 brands, ASOS is a powerhouse in online retail. In my experience, shopping at ASOS can be like journeying through a never-ending search for treasures. There are so many options and I have been caught searching through endless pages, clicking “Next page, next page” . Can anyone else relate?

For this post, I am making your ASOS shopping experience a little easier by rounding up my favorite ASOS brands. I think you will love them just as much as I do.

#InvestInAfrica: ASOS Made in Kenya

Made in Kenya is my favorite. If you have read my previous posts, you may have noticed that I am interested in ways in which fashion intersects with my career as a public health professional and other social issues, particularly related to women and children. The ASOS Made in Kenya line is a collaboration between ASOS designers and a manufacturing unit in Kenya, SOKO, that provides people in the community with a means to obtain a livable wage through training, craftsmanship, and entrepreneurship. The women (and men) who make the clothing at SOKO receive a fair wage, which in turn, they can use to pay for educational expenses, health care, and support their families. Poverty, income, education (e.g. socioeconomic status) are social determinants of health and artisan approaches are one of my favorite ways to connect two of my passions: public health and fashion.

ASOS Made in Kenya.JPG

FullSizeRender2FullSizeRender4Abstract Print

I wore this dress from the Made in Kenya line (found here) over the weekend. It is art in motion.

Indie Looks: ASOS White

ASOS White has an indie feel, bringing asymmetrical silhouettes and deconstructed fashion.  If you are looking for accent pieces, ASOS White provides re-imagined staples. This shirt from the line was a part of a another look I wore recently. I wore the top, which is on sale right now and found here, with harem pants and pumps for a fun casual look.



The pieces below are also favorites from the ASOS White collection.


Occasion Wear: Fame and Partners

Formal occasion? Bespoke fashion retailer, Fame and Partners, has a collection of dresses specifically curated for ASOS. The dress below is one of my favorites from the current collection available on ASOS, just in time for Valentine’s Day. For a lower price point, I also recommend Paper Dolls.

Fame and Partners

What are your favorite brands to shop at ASOS? Thank you for stopping by! Have a great weekend!


Travel Looks – Winter Weekend in Miami

Happy New Year! The end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 were filled with academic writing and deadlines because this is my last semester of graduate school. This is my first post of the year and it feels great to be reunited with my blog.

A trip to Miami over the long weekend for a wedding was perfect timing to escape the frigid temperatures in Atlanta. For this post I am sharing a few looks I put together for this trip. It was a fun vacation to dress for because I, like most of the U.S., have been clothed in layers out of necessity for the last few weeks.

Look 1 – Travel Day

I like to travel in comfort and style so I wore these floral joggers from Sudara (found here). Sudara’s collection of  lounge-wear and casual pieces are made by women in India who have either escaped human trafficking, or are at high risk of trafficking. In purchasing from the company you are directly helping to provide women with a sustainable income and “empowering them to live in freedom”. I paired the joggers with an off the shoulder crop top (old). Crop and old the shoulder tops were a running theme for the weekend.


c10b500d-f403-423a-a305-aeb7708d4a74 (2)

Look 2 – Art Deco

Art Deco Weekend is an annual cultural festival along Ocean Drive with everything from live entertainment to a retro fashion show. We caught the Classic Car show. I wore these cropped camouflage pants (found here). They have a high waist and a flattering fit. I paired the pants with a black tank (I cut it into a crop top) and a long duster sweater (similar look here). I completed the look with a pop of pink. These satin pink slippers were a $9 steal I found recently at a Macy’s sale.

IMG_1825 (2)IMG_1828 (2)


Look 3 – Winter Wedding Guest Attire

Shopping for winter weddings can be tricky, especially in a city like Miami where the temperatures are still pretty warm during the winter months. The dress code, if provided, is key to determining the formality of your attire. For winter weddings, I like darker hues and textures. For the cocktail wedding attire, I wore a charcoal off the shoulder dress with crochet lace (found here). My color scheme was pink and gray, so all of my accessories were pink, including a pink choker, pink jeweled earrings, and pink sandals (found here). The clear heel on the sandals was a nice accent.


Look 4 – Wynwood Fashion and Art

This is my favorite look and the weather, low 70s during the day, was perfect for this outfit. I stopped for a photo op at Versace’s old house before visiting the Wynwood Wall Murals. Wynwood is a nice break from South Beach with stores like Nomad Tribe, a store with artisan made apparel and goods, in addition to, art galleries, and a variety of breweries. My top and bottom are both from J. Crew. I wore this black and white off the shoulder shirt (found here) paired with a teal ruffle skirt (found here).

IMG_1820 (2)



I hope your year is off to an amazing start! Thank you for stopping by! Stay warm 🙂



Holiday Glam with Pieces You Already Have in Your Closet

My posts often feature a mix of new and old items from my closet or multiple ways to style different pieces. With all of the shopping deals and statements on what we need to buy for stylish holiday attire, I decided to create a list for holiday outfit ideas with pieces you probably already have in your closet.

But first, a holiday-inspired look…

Perfect for holiday gatherings, I started with this high-waist pencil skirt when putting this look together. I’ve had this skirt for at least four years! The sequin details, signature during the holiday season, are a mix of pastel pink, gray, and light blue colors. I paired it with a pink over-sized off-the-shoulder sweatshirt by H&M Conscious (found here).

A chunky sweater or an over-sized sweatshirt paired with a straight or full skirt is a subtle contrast that still creates a very feminine look.

14AI wore color block pumps, also old, which accented the pink color scheme I used throughout this look. Finally, I accessorized with a pearl necklace and pompom earrings, found here.


Here are a few things you may have in your closet that will create festive holiday looks and a few looks for inspiration.

  1. Black full midi skirt
  2. Red Sweatshirt or cable knit sweater
  3. Black high-waist pencil skirt
  4. Faux fur shawl or vest
  5. Plaid shirt (love this idea with a full, mid-length tulle skirt) or skirt
  6. Leopard Print – pumps, flats, or top
  7. Festive heels
  8. Anything with sequin!

Holiday Outfit 1holiday outfit 2

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Enjoy the holiday season!


Holiday “Presence”: A Mindful Holiday Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and a perfect time to be intentional about holiday presence.

I am intrigued by social media and digital technology, so much so that my current research focuses on how social media can be used to support and sustain health behaviors. The internet connects us to people and information in unprecedented ways. With no signs of slowing down soon (it is predicted that by 2020, 2.9 billion people around the world will have social media accounts), social media and other digital platforms continue to be a large part of our day to day interactions. From engaging in social network sites and blogging, to online shopping and communicating through emails, it appears that the world of hyperconnection is here to stay.
However, the more time we spend engaged in the digital world, the less time we are actually present and mindfully engaged in the real world. This holiday season I look forward to being present during these special moments with my loved ones. With the myriad of benefits that social media affords, excessive use of social media has also been linked to negative outcomes, like stifling creativity, social comparison, and even social media addiction. What do we gain from a self worth constructed by a social status that is measured by the number of likes and shares? More importantly, what do we lose?




I admittedly could use a break in digital consumption and here are a few things I plan implement over the next few weeks as a way to disconnect from the digital world and encourage mindfulness:


  1. Disengaging in all social media activity after 8pm daily (Have you ever found yourself scrolling through social media on a restless night?).
  2. Avoiding checking social media within the first hour of waking up (Am I the only one who scrolls though their social media feed as part of their morning routine? I enjoy prayer and meditation in the morning and I look forward to filling my morning with more time engaging in these activities without digital distractions.)
  3. Limiting the number of times I check social media pages per day AND the overall amount of time spent on social media each day.
  4. Avoiding the use of my phone during holiday events with family and friends.
  5. Implementing a digital free day.


Have you ever purposefully abstained from social media and other forms of digital technology? Share your tips below!


Outfit Details – Sweater: found here|| Tulle Skirt: Urban Outfitters (old) || Mini Skirt: found here || Tights: found here|| Boots: Urban Outfitters (old) || Clutch: Target (not available online)



Making a Mind-Body Connection through Comfort & Style

After a few years of curiosity, I finally joined a Barre3 studio a few months ago. My first class kicked my behind, but since I have become a loyal fan and I don’t see myself leaving the cult anytime soon lol. Transitioning from a workout that consisted of heavy lifting and running, Barre3 has been a gift that keeps giving to me, bringing more balance to my day, building muscle tone, and most recently providing me with this top and bottom from Lululemon Athletica. Who doesn’t love free gifts? 


I tested this outfit in my class and it receives my stamp of approval for comfort and sweat resistance. The pants are super soft and the mesh sides, along with the open back of the shirt, makes them them breathable pieces that work well in classes with a lot of movement.



Whether you are looking for comfortable and casual looks or traveling to and from fitness classes daily, athleisure wear has gained popularity in recent years due to the rise in stylish fitness attire. Anyone else guilty of wearing workout clothes when you have absolutely no intentions of exercising that day? 

Built to provide support through your most active workouts with style to carry you through the rest of your day, this brand raises the bar in athletic apparel. I transitioned this look from workout attire to street style chic by adding a few simple additions: faux fur jacket, long cozy cardigan, ankle boots, and an accent clutch.



We experienced our first snow for the season in Atlanta over the weekend and the freezing temperatures provided the perfect opportunity to bring out my faux fur jacket. I wore my favorite ankle boots, purchased last year, and I completed the look with this sparkly clutch.



24862466_10100377016562937_2628082648210100945_n (2)

Snow is a rare occasion here in Atlanta, so it is a picture worthy experience in itself. I hope you enjoyed your weekend. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!

Outfit Details: Top – Lululemon (found here) || Bottom: Lululemon (found here) || Sweater: H&M (old, similar look here) || Jacket: Zara (old, similar look here) Boots – Urban Outfitters (old, similar look here and here) || Purse: Target (not available online) 




Fall Forecast (Part 2) – Adding Depth through Textures

“Like your favorite pieces of art, textures bring depth to fashion.”

Just in time for cyber Monday, I’m back with Part 2 of my Fall Forecast! Can we agree that fall fashion is bursting with fabulous textures? Velvet, corduroy, leather, wool, fur – it is like eye candy for the tactile senses. Inspired by the textures of season, I’ve been wrapped in pieces accented by faux furs and velvety florals. I am sharing a few of my looks in this post, along with a few similar pieces found online.

Contrasting Sleeves – Add a Little Texture

Starting with sleeves that offer textured additions, I purchased this sweatshirt from Zara (found here). The soft white and gray faux fur sleeves provide the perfect combination of compliment and contrast for the soft ballerina pink color. Side note: When your sleeves are furry, it is hard to resist walking around for the entire day without your arms strategically placed above your waist.


For this look, I wore the over-sized top tucked in and paired it with a pleated gray midi skirt that I purchased from H&M at least five years ago. I completed the look with black faux sued booties.



I found a few additional pieces online with contrasting sleeves that are equally as  swoon-worthy.


Smooth Velvet

In the six grade I had a dark green velvet jacket and pants suit from the The Limited Too. Let’s just say that if I still had it, it might be in my wardrobe rotation today because little says fall fashion more than velvet.

I am wearing a wrap blazer from Anthropologie (found here). I paired it with a wrap skirt, an old purchase from Lulus, and printed mules from Nasty Gal (found here).

IMG_0557 (3)IMG_0601

IMG_0555 (2)

While I’ve seen my share of velvet slip dresses so far this season, I am personally enjoying other representations of velvet, including velvet shoes, pants, and blazers. Check out a few of my favorite ways to style velvet below:


Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into textures. Stay tuned for part 3 of my fall forecast and subscribe via the link for regular updates!


Fall Forecast (Part 1) – Day to Night Prints

Now that the temperatures are beginning to drop, I have fully embraced the transition into the fall season. This post is the first in my series on fall fashion, a collection of unique styles that have captured my attention this season.

I could live in full skirts and prints throughout the year, but warmer hues and neutrals are more characteristic of fall. This season, I am loving darker prints, like florals, but the unconventional use of elephants on this print was captivating. The print was made by Ratti, an iconic fixture in fabrics and leading manufacturer of prints, along with other types of fabrics. The skirt and shirt are also on sale at J. Crew right now.


Recreating multiple looks to style the same pieces is essential to getting the most out of your wardrobe. So, I styled the print three different ways to show how prints can be transitioned from daytime to evening wear, or according to the occasion.

Look 1. Prints on Prints

The simplest way to style these pieces is, of course, to put them together. I rarely wear matching prints on top and bottom, but I like this combination together and I think it’s perfect for daytime outings. I wore this outfit with a pair of simple black pumps.

DSC_0559DSC_0552 (2)DSC_0553 (3)

Look 2. For the Work Place

The second look I created is for the work place. I paired the skirt with a white blouse from Anthropologie. I could not find the exact top online, but there is a similar one here. Sometimes my personal style is reminiscent of specific era, and with this ruffled blouse, this look is inspiring a modern interpretation of victorian styles.

DSC_0548DSC_0513 (2)DSC_0508

Look 3. A Night Out

I created a third look for a night out. For this look, I paired the off-the-shoulder top with a high-waist vegan leather mini skirt. The skirt was purchased from The Limited last year and the color matched perfectly with the color of the elephants. I tied the top at the bottom to accent the high waist of the skirt.


Outfit Details –  Skirt: J. Crew || Shirt: J. Crew

What are your favorite styles for fall? Stay tuned for more fall fashion!