Achieve Your Summer Glow with All Natural and Vegan Skin Care Products

It has been some years since I traded my household and skin care products in for all natural products. It was a lifestyle decision to consciously mirror my physical environment to the internal environment I maintained through my plant-based diet. I also knew that we can be exposed to environmental toxicants through our every day products that can have harmful effects on our health, the environment, and lead to disease and illness over time. Since then, I’ve kept my skin care routine pretty simple, but I still enjoy exploring all natural skin care products. Continuing with my summer South Africa series, I purchased a few skin care products during my visit and for this post I am sharing my experience with these products so far.

summer skin


Rain is a South African, certified fair trade company that produces all natural, handmade beauty and body products that are created with indigenous plant extracts. We visited their store in Cape Town, which was filled with a range of products that were both beautifully made and fragrant. For years, I have primarily used grapeseed oil as my go-to skin care product for moisturizing, but I highly recommend the body butter bars at Rain. The body butter bars are made in a variety of fun shapes, like the sea shell pictured below. The one I selected smells deliciously sweet and aromatic, is soothing and moisturizing, and can be smoothed directly onto wet or dry skin. I brought a few other products back as gifts as well, including their artisan-made glycerin soaps, and organic scented sachets  for home fragrance.



Kafui Naturals

I happened upon Kafui Naturals during a visit to the Friday evening Bay Harbor Market in Cape Town. The line features all natural products, ranging from hair care products to facial cleansers and butters. Most of the products are vegan as well. I was also happy to support the small local business, which was created by Kafui Awoonor. I have been using the face oil for over a month now and I can not say enough positive things about it. From the fragrance to the use of some of my favorite oils, like grapeseed, moringa, and jojoba oil, it is definitely a product that has been added to my skin care routine. The ideal of putting oils on your face may seem counterproductive to achieving a clear complexion and blemish free skin, especially if you have oily skin, but dry oils are light, absorb quickly, and are filled with numerous essential fatty acids. This face oil uses a combination of dry and wet oils, so it does not leave your skin feeling greasy or weighed down. It comes in a 7 ounce bottle, but just a few drops are enough to cover your entire face.



Last, but not least is Africology, South Africa’s leading spa brand. Africology uses natural and organic ingredients to create a range of products . The lip balm was a hit with my daughter, as I am always searching for non-toxic lip balm and lip gloss options for her. A unique addition to their list of skin care ingredients is the combination of the African potato and Rooibos. Rooibos is a South African shrub that is commonly served as a delicious, earthy tasting red tea. Rooibos is high in antioxidants, which limit the production of free radicals. It is also high in zinc, which among other properties, is anti-inflammatory. Both of these factors make it an ideal ingredient to add to skin care products.



I emphasized that all of the brands I shared use natural ingredients and are free of harmful chemicals, but they are also all eco-friendly and cruelty free as well. I hope you enjoyed this post and found a few new skin care products and ingredients to try that are better for you and our planet.




South African Designer Series: Part 1


It is the first day of summer in the states and what better way to kick off the summer season than with a hot new series on South African designers. I’m excited to share everything over the next few weeks, from accessories to dresses and even a few all natural skin care products.

If you ever visit Cape Town, you must visit The Watershed. It’s a market near the V&A Waterfront with over 150 shops featuring locally designed products, many of which are handmade and ethically produced. It is the perfect stop to pick up unique gifts to bring home as well as items for yourself.


My shorts are by Trip Clothing & Accessories, a brand in Cape Town that creates locally handmade items, including clothing and purses. Using materials that are also sourced locally, their clothing features bold African prints in contemporary designs. The brand produces items in limited quantities, which creates an exclusive shopping experience as well. If travelling to South Africa is not in your plans for the near future, I would visit their online store if you are looking for some funky printed shorts and halter sets, which are perfect to wear to summer festivals.


I purchased a matching halter cropped top (not featured) to wear with the shorts. For this look, however, I paired the shorts with a black cropped top, purchased here.




My bag was also made by a high end fashion designer in South Africa, Dr. Pachanga. The purse, which can also convert into a back pack, has vegan leather and gold accented wax print. I love the unique styles of his bags, which come in variety of  shapes and incorporate a mixture of textures and prints. Each style in Dr. Pachanga’s line is also produced in limited quantities and the bags are named after women in his life. Carine, named after the designer’s sister, is quickly becoming my favorite bag to carry.


I hope you enjoyed these items and designers as much as I do! Wishing you an adventurous start to the summer. Stay tuned for more beautiful styles and talented designers from South Africa.



A Cape Town Beach Look

White sand, pristine beaches, summer fashion…

I kicked summer off in South Africa, visiting Johannesburg and Cape Town. There is so much to see and experience in Cape Town. The beauty of the natural landscape along with the architecture earn it the well deserved title of one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


It’s the beginning of winter in South Africa during this time of year, but we were greeted by mild temperatures in the mid 60s (a stark contrast to the cold winters in most parts of the states). The weather was perfect for exploring, though the temperature at night was cooler. We also visited during the low tourism season, so the cities and sights were not over crowded.


Our adventures in Cape Town took us from the top of Table Mountain (one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World), to an intimate walking tour of Langa (the oldest township in city), and to Clifton Beach. Clifton beach is one of the most popular beaches in Cape Town. It’s a set of four beaches and number 4, where we visited, is infamously regarded as the beach to strut “toned figures and body building”. The water was a bit too cool for swimwear, but we did catch a picturesque sunset on the beach and dipped our toes into the ocean. The mountain provided a breathtaking backdrop and we were enclosed by the beautiful beach homes along Sea Point.


The beauty of Cape Town can not over shadow the recent dark history of Apartheid, however. Our trip would not be complete without a visit to Robben Island, a site where political prisoners were imprisoned under harsh conditions during Apartheid, including Nelson Mendela who spent 18 years in prison on the island. We toured the eerie island by bus and listened to a personal account from a former political prisoner who at the age of 19, was sentenced to the island for conspiracy against the South African government.

South Africa is a country I would love to visit again. In the coming weeks, I will be showcasing a few South African designers I discovered during the trip, so subscribe to my newsletter and learn about the latest in South African fashion!

Where are your summer travels taking you?

Outfit Details: Midi Ruffle Skirt – The Line by K || Corset Floral Ruffle Top – ASOS



Styling Green for Your Spring Wardrobe

Hello and Happy Friday!

If you’ve been shopping this spring, you have likely noticed a favorite color of mine throughout your favorite stores: green. Olive green, in particular, and other earth tones are staples this season evoking a sense of ease and calm through your wardrobe as we usher in the second half of 2019. While you may be hesitant to wear brighter greens, like emerald, this earthy tone of green is a more subtle but equally beautiful hue to incorporate.


A monochromatic look

I created this monochromatic look with two different shades of green. Monochromatic outfits, in which you build your look from one hue, can create a sleek and striking appearance. Monochromatic looks can also include incorporating different textures, patterns, or shades. For this look, I opted to play on different shades of this earthy green tone and wore a fitted top with a paper bag waist trouser.


Complimentary Colors

Olive green, and other earth tones, compliment each other masterfully. I completed my look with dark brown platform sandals (purchased years ago). Gold and grey hues would also work well. I accessorized with a grey bow headband. If dressing for the work place look, I recommend adding a blazer to create a more professional look. I wore this look to work with a peplum blazer (not pictured).


Finally, last month was earth month and the end of April marked the 6th edition of Fashion Revolution Week. The ethically created and eco-friendly pieces in this post are an ode to creating fashion that honors the health and well-being of the people who make our clothes, as well as, the environment.

What is your favorite color to wear for spring?

Outfit Details: Top – The Green Store||Pants – H&M (Conscious Collection)


Something Old, Something New, Something Plaid, Something Blue

The solution is not always more clothes, but buying pieces that you will wear for years to come.

I celebrated my birthday last week with a mixture of relaxation and exciting festivities. I wore this BCBG dress for my birthday dinner that I purchased 10 YEARS AGO.  I styled the dress with a plaid blazer, purchased here, and my favorite boots right now by Silent D. A common belief about style blogging and being fashionable in general, is that it requires constant shopping  for new clothes. This has not been my experience, however. If you desire to build a versatile wardrobe with pieces that you will love for years to come, read my shopping tips below.


Be intentional when shopping trends

When shopping for something new, ask yourself, “Is this purchase just for now or something I imagine myself wearing years from now?”. The challenge with shopping for trends is that you will potentially build a wardrobe filled with pieces that you have little interest in as the trends fade.

Is it the trendiness of that item that attracts you, or the overall look? The plaid blazer, for example, has been a trendy fall and winter piece. For me, this standout look is versatile as well and I consider it to be a staple piece in my wardrobe.


Avoid impulse shopping

When shopping, I avoid buying on impulse. That means walking away from that beautiful ruffle top I may want in the moment, so when I do make purchases, I don’t have buyer’s remorse because my decision involved more thoughtfulness. Giving yourself some time to think about your purchases can help you determine if it is something you truly want or need. Wait a few days before finalizing that online purchase. I am amazed by how many items I never revisit after adding them to a shopping cart in an online clothing store. As a lover of shopping, sometimes good old fashion window shopping and trying on a few looks is enough to satisfy my desire for something new as well.

Incorporate versatile pieces that can be reworked in your wardrobe.

When I buy something, I imagine different ways it can be styled. Perhaps, it is a maxi dress that can also be worn open as a long top over jeans, a slip dress that can be layered during the cooler months, or a piece that can be styled for professional and casual events, like the blazer in this post.  I avoid purchasing pieces that I only intend to wear with one item in my closet. You can create a closet filled with simple staple pieces, but you do not have to limit yourself to this type of shopping to create versatility. Instead, buy a mix of statement and traditional staple pieces that you can mix and match. It also makes your wardrobe more exciting.


Invest in investment pieces

After transitioning from graduate school back into the professional world, I’ve been shopping for more investment pieces. Investment pieces are higher quality and usually more expensive pieces that are made to last longer than the clothes associated with fast fashion. I’ve also been buying more natural fabrics. These materials cost more, but they feel better on your skin and are also better for our health, in comparison to fashion made cheaply using harsh chemicals. Some investment pieces to consider adding to your wardrobe that I think are worth the splurge include a crisp blazer, ankle boots, sweaters/cardigans, and a pair of jeans with the perfect fit.



I hope you found these shopping tips helpful! Interested in revamping your wardrobe? Click here to learn more about my virtual and in-person styling services. Also, subscribe to my newsletter to receive regular style inspiration and updates.


**Updated 3/12/2019 to provide webpage link for style services.**


An Alluring Backless Basic

“In my white tee.”

Here is a style secret. One of my keys to maintaining effortless style, even when wearing casual looks, is incorporating classic pieces that have been revamped. As a lover of statement pieces, my basics are pretty funky. There is little more alluring than an unexpected backless top and this post features a look that embodies non-basic basics.

The Elif Tie T-shirt is by The Line by K,  a collection created ethically in California and designed by blogger-turned-fashion designer, Karla Deras (a woman after my own heart). These days, I am more intentional about my shopping, opting for quality pieces that can be restyled in different ways and that will also last. This top, for example, is made from Japanese cotton. It feels incredibly soft, is comfortable, and also well made.

857611E0-9B46-4661-A30E-C571CEA3CC8CI styled this casual look with an old pair of bell bottom jeans (purchased from The Limited) and converse sneakers.



As with any look, confidence is key. Confidence comes from within, but the proper support in a backless top goes a long way as well. Depending on the fit, an adhesive bra or petals can provide the support needed.

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Styling Red: Go Bold for a Valentine’s Day Look

With Valentine’s day around the corner, red is the color to wear if you are thinking about looks to celebrate the day of love. Wearing red can be daring on any day. It exudes boldness and confidence, and according to research, can also increase your perceived self-attractiveness (i.e a quick pick me up). Red dresses are a common go-to look for Valentine’s Day, but perhaps your plans are more casual. This look is perfect for a casual date night or a playful look to celebrate Valentine’s day, in general.


I started with a vegan red leather skirt. It is an attractive piece I knew I could style for different occasions. Color choices are important when putting any look together. The color red safely pairs with black or white, but I opted to pair the skirt with grey and other neutrals, which also work well in the contrast to the bold color. Accordingly, I styled the skirt with a patterned top and sweater that incorporated greys and other neutral colors.


I wore lace pattern stockings, a fun accent, and black converse to complete the casual look. As I mentioned, this skirt can be styled for different occasions. If you desire to create a chic look, for example, pair a red skirt with a black fitted blouse and pumps, which instantly transform the look from casual to polished.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found some helpful tips on styling red. Whether you are celebrating love of self, love for others, or a combination of the two, I hope you have a great Valentines Day!

Outfit Details: Skirt – Anthropologie ||Blouse – H&M (old) || Sweater (old) || Tights – Urban Outfitters (old) || Shoes – Converse


Wear to Work OOTD: Outside the Lines

“I must be a mermaid. I must be a mermaid, Rango. I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.” -Anais Nin
Happy New Year! After months of working remotely, I went into an office for work last week. I am still getting use to maneuvering through Atlanta rush hour traffic again, but this transition also affords new opportunities to create more work place looks. I played with mixed prints and metallics, with my new favorite boots, to create the look featured in this post. It was a pretty bold choice for a first-day-in-the-office look and I want to share some reflections on fashion in the work place.

img_1910 (2)
This story begins with Michelle Obama’s memoir, Becoming. I finished it over the holidays and there were many parts of her journey as a young professional that were inspiring and also experiences that resonated with my own. It was also interesting to read her reflections on her personal style as the First Lady. Mrs. Obama has been photographed wearing some iconic looks and her choices in fashion were commonly praised and dissected during her tenure as the First Lady. At one point in her book, she expressed her discontent with what seemingly was an interest in her latest outfit over her intellect and the social and public health efforts she was spearheading. “It seemed that my clothes mattered more to people than anything I had to say,” she wrote in a telling revelation that resonated with some of my own fears.



Can you relate? When I started graduate school, for example, there was a period where I considered how my usual attire, often praised for style, may influence others’ perceptions of me as a young Black woman pursuing her PhD. It didn’t help that at the time, I was attending class in a building with the fitness center, so I often passed by undergraduate students dressed in athletic attire as they fit their workouts in between classes. Ultimately, I decided to just be myself. A professor once called me her “little fashion plate” at a conference we were attending, followed by statements about how we, as women, were multifaceted. I couldn’t agree more.

This is the double edged sword that we sometimes experience as women, however, a state in which our appearances are constantly dissected and measured against unreasonable standards. On the other hand, the perception of too much concern or time spent on our appearance can be regarded as shallow. It is an unfair plight where our intellect could be overshadowed by our ‘ootd’ or where our freedom to express ourselves artistically through beauty and fashion could be diminished. A man, on the other hand, could meticulously match ties, to shirts, to shoes each day, yet no one would question his competence or achievements within his field, based on an expression of personal style.



So, what do we do to challenge these ideologies? We push against them and make way for new ones to be realized. I, for example, accept that being creative and an analytical PhD scholar are not mutually exclusive. One of the many ways in which I express my creativity is through fashion. I accept that sharing this expression of creativity is also a part of living authentically. Although my love of fashion is just one part of me, it permeates through my different life experiences and can be used to shift our social norms.

IMG_1995 (2).JPG

What does professional look like to you?


Outfit Details: Velvet Wrap Blazer – Anthropologie (old) | Skirt –  Purchased here|Boots – Silent D 


The Weekend and Styling Faux Fur: What I Wore

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…which also calls for layers and warmer materials.

I hope you are enjoying the holiday season! During the winter months, I can be spotted in long cardigan sweaters and wool pea coats (princess cuts are my favorite). When I am creating a more glamorous look, I incorporate faux furs. For this post, I am sharing how I styled my faux fur coat, purchased at Zara, over the weekend with a casual every day look and a more dressed up look.

As mentioned, faux furs are an easy way to add glam to casual looks, like the look below. For this look, I paired my coat with vintage-inspired corduroys with a retro pattern and an off the shoulder ribbed sweater.  I wore this outfit on a Saturday outing visiting some of my favorite markets around the city as they hosted holiday events. I completed the look with silver metallic oxfords.


Outfit Details: Top – Urban Outfitters (old) || Corduroys – Anthropologie || Metallic Shoes – Wanted (old, similar look here)

I wore this second look to a Sunday celebration. My shift dress is by Mata Traders, a fair trade company whose clothes are made by artisan women in India and Nepal. The dress has become a staple in my closet across seasons and different occasions. It is short sleeve and the material works well during the summer months. It can also be styled for colder months, like I achieved with this look. I created a playful look by pairing the dress again with my faux fur coat and over the knee socks. I completed the look with a pair of simple block heel black pumps.



Outfit Details: Shift Dress – Mata Traders purchased at The Green Store|| Pumps – Anne Klein || Over the knee socks – Urban Outfitters (old)

I hope you enjoyed this post and found some ways to style your winter faux furs for casual and more formal looks.

Stay Warm and Have a Merry Christmas!


A Cozy Fall #OOTD and Not Racing to the Finish Line

Welcome December! For the past few years, the month of December has been a race against time to the end of the year. It is the month I launched my blog a few years ago, the month a launched my first business, and while I was in grad school was filled with long nights over the winter break as I prepared for hitting major benchmarks in the new year (like passing my dissertation defense). While this year was filled with accomplishments, like winning awards, finishing my PhD, landing my dream job in my field, there is one goal that I have honestly made less progress on than I aimed for. This year, I am not racing to the finish line to complete it, however, and here is why.



For most of us, our day to day activities are filled with meeting deadlines, measures that we internalize for success. For you, it may not be professional deadlines at all. How about, “Did I purchase this house by this date?”,  “Did I get married and have 2.5 children and a dog by this age?” I am a program evaluator, so I understand the immense importance of setting  SMART (specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and time-bound) objectives. As an evaluator, I also know that a margin of flexiblity is necessary. I’m realizing that I don’t always allow for flexibility with my own aspirations and personal endeavors, however. In fact, not meeting my personal deadlines absolutely pains me. This year, however, instead of racing to the finish line I am accepting that beautiful things  take time. I thought about a statement made to me my dissertation advisor when I wanted to push up my timeline to finish my Ph.D. a semester early. Essentially,  goals are important and meeting your deadlines are great, but what do you gain from moving faster than necessary to get things completed just for the sake of sticking to a deadline?


I’ve made incredible progress in my new venture (developing my own fashion line), from completing a program on business development, to moving this idea from ideation to action, to identifying a co-operative for production. The road in launching your own business is challenging and unpredictable. It is also forcing me to slow down. I am respecting the process that comes along with creating something impactful, beautiful, and meaningful. Time is fluid and ultimately, God’s timing is always perfect.

Cozy Sweater

Perhaps, it’s the increasingly pervasive microwave mentality that leads us to applying unnecessary pressure to get everything completed quickly.  Tomorrow, or January 1st, however is another day to continue the journey. I look forward to sharing more of this journey in the coming months as I move closer to launching my first collection. What are you wrapping up before the end of the year?

Outfit Details: Sweater – Anthropologie || Blouse – The Limited (old) || Leggings – Nasty Gal (old) || Shoes – Anne Klein

Shop Small Today for Small Business Saturday

From adding jobs, reinvesting in communities, environmental sustainability, and (my favorite) offering a selection of unique items – there are many benefits from shopping with small businesses. Some of my favorite women-owned and designed fashion brands are having sales this week. Support a small business today and regularly patronize the companies that are an essential piece to building our economy. Check out my  fashion picks for Small Business Saturday below and catch some great sales for your holiday shopping this weekend!

Love, Cortnie

I am a long-time fan of Love, Cortnie’s selection of statement handmade bags. She offers everything from her signature over-sized clutches to funky purses made with Mongolian fur. Cortnie learned to sew in her grandmother’s kitchen in 2011 and today she has made over 200 styles of purses. My go-to bag style is the clutch and the “Color Me Roll-Down Leather Statement Clutch” is my favorite – a classic piece with a twist. It’s $20 off through Tuesday!

Love, Cortnie Leather Clutch


Fe Noel

Every piece at  Fe Noel is feminine and beautiful. Inspired by the founder’s Caribbean roots, you will likely fall for the prints and flowy pieces like I did. The “Swallow Bralette Top” is my top pick. You won’t find the fast fashion prices with this company, so the 30% off sale is the perfect opportunity to purchase something for yourself.

Fe Noel


Dazey LA

I recently discovered this brand and you only need to read the background on how this company was created to be inspired. The brand features colorful pieces and art apparel designed and made in Los Angeles, California. You will find t-shirts, bomber jackets, and other garments with statements, like “Strength in Sisterhood” that align with their mission to empower women. They are having a buy 2 get 1 sale using the code “SMALLBIZBOGO”. The “Mustard Ruffle Sweater” is one of my favorites, though the “Sisterhood Bomber” is also at the top of my list.


Sammy B

Last, but not least is Sammy B., whose label is no stranger to my blog. Samantha Black’s designs have been worn by celebrities, like Beyonce. Her statement tees are still among my favorites, along with her flounce sleeve tops. She creates magic with sleeves. Although her Black Friday sale ended, her current collection is still worth checking out for your Small Business Saturday shopping or other shopping plans in the future. My top pick from the current collection is the “Round About T-Shirt”.


I hope you enjoyed this post and discovered some new small businesses to shop with! Are you doing any holiday shopping this weekend? Who are your favorite small business fashion brands?


3D Printed: A Look into the Next Fashion Revolution with Designer, Danit Peleg

Imagine waking up in the morning and printing your outfit from a desktop printer to wear for the day. You come home later and need something to wear for an outing. Instead of looking through your closet, you select another design to print. Within minutes you have your evening look. With 3D printing, the idea of creating a customizable wardrobe from home may not be as far off as you imagine.

If you have ever heard of 3D printed fashion, you likely have also heard the name Danit Peleg. Danit was recognized recently by Forbes as one of Europe’s top 50 women in tech. A few years ago, she was a student studying fashion design at the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Israel when she created her 3D printed clothing line. Technology innovations are influencing every industry, including fashion. It is, in fact, technology that allowed Danit and I to chat one October morning by video from different parts of world, as she discussed all things related to 3D printed clothing and what’s next in her career. Her background, her studio in Israel, was filled with gorgeous 3D printed tops and dresses. Danit is a new mom as well, balancing a blossoming career and motherhood, taking a moment to nurse her son as we began our interview.

So, just how did Danit get started with 3D printed fashion? She explained that as a student she loved creating fashion using technology, incorporating things like laser cutting and silk printing into her work. It was during her internship in New York where she first saw clothing constructed with industrial printers, each dress priced at about $20,000. She was inspired by that experience to create her own collection and to push the boundaries in 3D printed fashion. The result was her graduate project, the first 3D printed fashion collection entirely created from home.

Danit Peleg - Birth of Venus Collection

Dress by Danit Peleg, “The Birth of Venus” collection

Making Clothing using 3D Printing

I asked Danit, who is currently working on her third collection, about the process of creating 3D printed clothing. She uses Filaflex, a type of filament used in 3D printing. She holds up a piece and it looks like nothing more than a plastic tube. It is fascinating that this piece of material is used to create dresses, like pictured above. Filaflex is very flexible, but Danit believes the material will evolve and will feel more like fabric in the future. She explained that three years ago it took 300 hours to make one dress. The process has improved over time, however, due to technological advancements in the printers and now it takes about 80 hours. “I think it’s only a matter of time before it takes a few minutes to print a dress.” – Danit adds. Danit also shared that she uses multiple printers to print different parts of the garment, which allows her to print an entire garment within one day.


Danit Peleg – “Liberty Leading the People” Collection

A Zero Waste Process

With 3D printing, every piece printed is used, “There are no left overs.” – Danit says “Every piece is meant to be something… So, when I make a dress there is zero waste”. When we donate clothing, we hope it makes it to someone in need. However, a lot of unwanted clothing ends up in landfills. Even more exciting is that all the 3D printed garments can be recycled using a special machine that works like a blender and breaks the garment down into the building material. The filaments can then be used again for another design. With 3D printing, the potential for creating and recreating using this process seem endless – It’s like having a never-ending wardrobe!

Danit also noted that she does not keep any inventory, which prevents potentially wasted products as well.

It’s Personalized and Customizable

“You can be a part of the design process and style it for yourself.” – Danit. Danit explained that it is easy to personalize the garment for every customer. She holds up one of her bomber jackets, available online, as an example and explains that customers can choose the color for the textile and for the lining (I played around with customizing my own bomber jacket in the picture below). In the future she imagines customers will be able to select the material for printing their garment as well, like cotton or wool.

3D Printed Bomber by Danit Peleg

Using an app called Nettelo, customers can take two pictures of themselves, from which Danit is able to obtain their measurements for a dress, shirt, or whatever design is purchased. The result is a perfectly tailored garment to fit your specific measurements,

Benefits, Challenges and the Future of Fashion through the 3D Lens

Additional Benefits

Danit described other benefits, which include the elimination of the shipping process, including the monetary and environmental costs, as well as, shipping time. “With this technology, we don’t need to ship garments from one side of the world to the other side.”Danit. She also explained that for fast fashion companies like, H&M and Zara, for example, 3D printed designs could be used to reduce excess inventory. “They are producing these huge amounts of clothing that sometimes people don’t want to buy” – Danit. She explains that by using 3D printed designs, companies would be able to see exactly how many downloads they have for a piece of clothing.

Danit Peleg Black Dress

Dress by Danit Peleg,  “Liberty Leading the People” Collection


When asked about the challenges in making this technology more accessible and mainstream in the fashion industry, Danit responded, “I think the biggest change will be when we have more diversity in the materials [used for 3D printed fashion]”. She also said that more education is needed on what 3D printing is, the benefits of using this type of technology, and how to use it. In the future, she predicts that 3D printers will be as common as microwaves. “Everyone will have them in their house and they will know exactly what to do with them” -Danit.

Danit also noted that printers should be faster and cheaper, which can cost up to $3000. The material on the other hand is not that expensive and will cost about $30-$40 for a dress, for example. Still, the most expensive aspect, she adds, is the time it takes to print.

A Look to the Future

Danit believes traditional ways of purchasing clothing (e.g. at clothing stores) will not disappear completely, but 3D printing will provide another way to buy and produce fashion. “Everything in our life is becoming digital and it’s only a matter of time before it happens with fashion a well.”– Danit explains.

I was interested in hearing Danit’s thoughts on how 3D printing might shift the jobs in the fashion industry, since a large portion of jobs in this industry are currently held by the individuals who make the clothing. Danit described that 3D printing could be a part of the fashion revolution, reducing the burden on employees, so many of whom aren’t paid fair wages and/or work in potentially hazardous environments. “The clothes we buy are so cheap and the people who make them are miserable… I think [3D printing] could be a good alternative.”

So, what is next for Danit?

When asked about her next steps, Danit replied “…Continuing in creating my vision into reality”. A few things in store include experimenting with new 3D printers to explore their benefits and limitations, creating new filaments, combining colors in textiles, and also uploading her designs so people can download them.

I appreciate Danit’s openness in sharing her process as well. In addition to providing workshops and talks for companies, like Adidas, Danit is now offering a course where she teaches everything thing she learned in three years about 3D printed fashion over the course of three days. During the course, which she describes as “3D printed fashion for beginners”, participants learn about the benefits of using 3D printing technology, the different types of technology that can be used, materials for creating 3D printed clothing, and an introduction to 3D modeling. Participants in the course also create 3D printed textile swatches and receive digital copies of Danit’s designs to practice with. The next course takes place November 27th-29th!

Danit Peleg is a visionary in fashion and our conversation was quite inspirational, so I will end with this quote:

“Your only limitation is your imagination when it comes to 3D printing.” – Danit

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