I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, but I reside in Atlanta, Georgia. My personal style has always been a creative outlet and form of self expression. I think it can be easy to except confines that suggest that we are either creatives or non-creatives, but on some level, we are all creative.


I absolutely love all things related to health and wellness. I have a bachelors in Biology from Spelman College, a Master’s of Public Health, and a Ph.D. in Health Promotion and Behavior. I am professionally and academically trained as a public health scientist and evaluator. I also love vegan food, music (I play the piano and clarinet), travelling abroad, and fashion. I believe that we are multifaceted and born with multiple God given talents that we can use to make a positive impact on the world. When we open our hearts to accept our truth (and all that it entails), we make room for growth in unimaginable ways. It is important for me to honor all of my passions so this is my dedication to fashion.


What to Expect on my Blog
I believe that style is personal and fashion should be intentional. My mission is to share my love of fashion and to promote creativity, non-uniformity, and authenticity. You can expect to find style tips, affordable fashion, and also some DIY ventures. Finally, my public health side is always looking to highlight those who are underrepresented. I love familiar brands, but I am also a proponent of shopping with indie brands and brands attached to a social cause so expect to discover some unique finds, as well as, less familiar designers from around the world.


Welcome to Style in Full Bloom!


Ayanna Robinson, MPH, Ph.D.
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