Non-toxic beauty because plant-based is a lifestyle

“Plant-based is a lifestyle” is a phrase I’ve used on Instagram. As much as possible, I strive to use products that are made with plant-based and non-toxic ingredients. Over the years, I’ve found great alternatives, including everything from cleaning products to beauty products. From foundation to mascara and highlighters, I am sharing my favorite vegan beauty brands and my top products from these companies.

MERIT Beauty

MERIT is a clean beauty brand with vegan and cruelty free products. My usual make up routine is very simple (usually eyeliner and lip stick or lip gloss), so I appreciate their minimalist approach for every day wear. The highlighting balm, pictured below, creates a dewy glow. I like how easy it is to apply and I tried it without foundation and loved it. I also like the tinted lip oil, which is made with shea butter, jojoba oil, and grapeseed oil (my favorite oil to use on my skin). The lip oil is perfect for the days where I want a glossier look and a little color, without wearing my typical bold matte lipstick. I am wearing the Cava Day Glow Highlighting Balm and Cara Cara Shade Lip Tinted Oil in the picture below.

The Lip Bar

The Lip Bar is a vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand and has been my go-to for lip sticks and lip glosses for years. The Vegan Matte Liquid Lipsticks are unmatched in my opinion for lasting wear. They provide an all day wear and have limited smudge when I wear them underneath my masks. Boy Trouble, the color I am wearing in the picture below is my absolute favorite lip color. Hot Mama is a close second.

Too Faced

Too Faced is a cruelty free beauty brand that includes a number of vegan products. Prior to Too-Faced, I had trouble finding a foundation that I liked and I thought finding the perfect vegan foundation would be a challenge. I primarily wear foundation for special occasions, so although it is not a daily part of my make up routine, having a great foundation in your make up bag is a beauty essential. I’ve been wearing “Born This Way” for a few years and it gives me a flawless complexion every time I wear it. It looks completely natural and is undetectable (I am wearing it in the picture below), while providing full to medium coverage. It is also oil free, which works well for my combination skin.

Too Faced has other great vegan products as well. I have shorter eyelashes, so for a vegan friendly mascara that provides length and volume, I recommend “Better Than Sex”.

Urban Decay

Last but not least on my list of vegan make up products, is Urban Decay. Urban Decay is another cruelty free make up company. It was founded in 1996, so it is a well established and well known brand . While Urban Decay is not entirely vegan, they have a line of vegan products as well. Since I love all things with glitter and sparkle, I have enjoyed their cream-based eyeshadows, especially the vegan moondust eyeshadow for a glamorous look and their vegan eyeshadow palettes, which can be used to create a softer or bolder look.

I hope you enjoyed my list of vegan make up products and found some products to add to your make up bag. Let me know which product is your favorite in the comments below. You can follow along on Instagram, @ayannainbloom, for more regular style inspiration and subscribe to my newsletter for updates.

Be well ❤

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