In so many ways, 2020 has been a year that amplified the social and racial injustices that have been overlooked and unaddressed for decades. The silver lining for me has been to witness and be a part of social actions, both in my professional and personal life that are aiming to bring about change. I have also enjoyed using this time of social distancing to connect in creative ways with others.

Last weekend, I was invited to attend a mural crawl in Atlanta with Black Girl Magic Tours. It was a fun-filled and educational few hours, a complete cultural emergence through art that highlighted the political and social contributions of Black women in Atlanta, while celebrating all things Black Girl Magic. It was also a breath of fresh air to connect with other women, to celebrate and pay tribute to Black women, and to bask in and celebrate our own magic. Continue reading to learn all about my experience on this tour and to see the various murals and sites we explored throughout Atlanta.

I arrived at our pick-up location around 11:30 am to board our luxury tour bus. Each attendee, six total and our tour guide, wore face coverings on the bus. Before entering the bus, we also had our temperatures checked. Black Girl Magic Tours was founded by Tarika Saada, PhD. Tarika is also the tour guide and was very knowledgeable about each mural we visited as well as other historical events in the city. She greeted us with a Black Girl Magic Bellini. Then we were off to our first stop, CamiCakes, a Black-owned gourmet cupcake shop where each attendee received a free cupcake. While I did not have a cupcake during the tour, I have enjoyed my fair share of these delicious treats in my pre-vegan days.

As I mentioned, we spent the tour visiting and discussing the historical importance of each mural. We also stopped by the Freedom Parkway Bridge, one of the most photographed places in Atlanta. Of note, each tour with Black Girl Magic Tours is different, so attendees can enjoy a different mural experience with each tour they book. Here are some of my favorite mural moments.

The photo opportunities are plentiful on this tour, the playlist during our bus ride was the ultimate Black Girl Magic hit list, and my absolute favorite part of the tour was meeting and getting to know the other attendees. COVID-19 rates are again spiking, so it was also a plus that the tour group on the bus was small and that we spent a lot of time outdoors, which of course is a safer option for any type of social gatherings. If you are interested in exploring the art murals in Atlanta (a blogger’s dream, right?), but also would like to learn more about the history of Atlanta, I highly recommend adding Black Girl Magic Tours to your Atlanta bucket list.

Our tour guide began the tour with this question and I invite you to answer it as well.

What makes you magical? Let me know in the comments and thanks for reading!

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4 Comments on “A Mural Crawl in Atlanta Celebrating Black Girl Magic

  1. Thank you for sharing this with us. These murals are basically the history of the civil rights movement here in the United States , things that I remember from when I was younger. (I’m 67 years old now) would love to see these murals, but unfortunately right now Georgia is on the quarantine list of states for us here in NY . Love the look. Stay safe, and happy holidays .

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    • Thank you for reading! It was such a fun experience. I am hoping things improve with the pandemic soon. It would be great for you to see the murals in person. I hope you and your family are doing well.

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