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With all the time spent at home right now, many people are opting for relaxed looks and prioritizing comfort in their every day attire. Lounging comfortably around the house does not mean you are limited to sweat pants and leggings, however. We all have those days when we want nothing more than to stay in our pajamas or work out clothes all day. While it is tempting to exist this way everyday when you do not have to see people regularly,  you do not have to get stuck there. There are multiple ways to create chic and elegant looks, without compromising comfort. For this post, I am sharing five essential lounge-worthy pieces from brands that have mastered comfort and style.


1. Wide Leg Trousers

When shopping for cozy pieces, consider the drape of the clothing and the fabric (think soft cottons, linens, cupro or silks, and breathable materials). A cinched high waist with wide pant legs, for example, boasts comfort and is a flattering look on everyone.

2. Utility Jumpsuit

A utility jumpsuit creates an effortless cozy style. It is also an all-in-one, work-from-home uniform look.

Utilitarian Jumpsuit by Feather Drum

Utilitarian Dillon Jumpsuit  by Feather Drum

3. Slip Dress

There is little the serves classic femininity more than a silky slip dress. The one pictured below is made from Cupro, produced from the waste products of cotton. Cupro is as soft as silk, but is a more sustainable alternative.

4. Matching Pants or Shorts Set

A matching set that can be used to create different looks is essential. While the set below looks like more traditional loungewear, it is a sophisticated alternative to sweats and can also be styled to create a dressier look.


5. Kimono Robe

Last but not least, kimonos exist at the intersection of lounge and luxury. Although I have been wearing my velvet kimono robe over almost everything lately, I like the spin on the tye-dye trend in robe below.

If you value comfort and style, then this post was created for you. I hope you found some new ideas for creating cozy looks. Share your thoughts below and subscribe to my newsletter for regular style inspiration.

Stay Healthy, stay well, and stay home.

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