Because pearls make everything better…


I have been seeing a lot of fun ways to revamp denim jackets lately. From decorating jackets with words and phrases to adding my favorite glam accessory, pearls, for this post I am sharing a do-it-yourself embellished denim tutorial.  It is the is perfect project to work on during long days at home and what a better time than spring to breathe creative life into your old denim pieces.

You can decorate denim jackets or jeans (I added pearls to my daughter’s denim jumpsuit as well). To create this denim jacket look, you will need the following:

-A denim jacket (I used an oversized jacket I purchased at a thrift store.)


For Pearl Embellishments

-Pearl beads (I recommend using assorted size pearls. I purchased this pack at Michaels.)

-Pencil or chalk (to mark the placement of pearls on your jacket)

-Sewing needle

-White thread

For Hand Painted Words

-Paint brush

-White fabric paint

-Black fabric paint (aerosol fabric spray paint works well for covering a large surface)

-Tape (optional)

First, it is helpful to start with a blue print for your design, so use your pencil or chalk to mark the placement of your pearls on your jacket. After threading your needle, sew your first pearl onto your jacket by pulling your needle from the inside of the jacket through the outside. Pull the needle through one end of your pearl and out through the other side of the pearl.


Next, sew your thread back through the inside of your denim jacket. Create the second hole a short distance away from the first hole you made (as pictured below). Congrats! The first part of the stitch is complete. This is not enough to secure the pearl, however, so repeat this process again, this time bringing your needle back through the same side you just pulled it through. Pull the needle through your pearl again and back through the other side of the jacket (It will be on the side of your first hole now.)


Repeat this process for a total of four times (pulling the needle through the outside of the jacket, through one side of the pearl, out the other side of the pearl, and back through the inside of the jacket). After the fourth time, double (or triple) knot your thread on the inside of your jacket (shown in the picture below) and cut the string. Repeat this process for each pearl.


It took me a few hours to complete the front of my jacket, so plan accordingly to complete this project. The larger pearls also take a little more time to sew on. The finished look for the front of my jacket is below.



For the back of the jacket, I followed the steps below.

Again, I started with a blue print by drawing the design on a piece of paper. I wanted to create a chalk board look, so I used black as the background and painted white letters. To make the black panel, I created the boundaries using scotch tape. This helped me to paint straight lines for the panel and ensured the spray paint would stay within the designated area.


I allowed the black paint to dry (fabric paint dries pretty quickly) and then used tape again to guide the lines for painting the words. I used an excerpt from feminist scholar, bell hooks, as the inspiration for the quote on my jacket. Hand paint your words onto your jacket and then your look is complete.



I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Share your thoughts on this look in the comments below, or post any questions you may have. If you create an embellished denim look using my tutorial, share them with me on Instagram at @ayannainbloom. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my blog for more DIY fashion tutorials.

Be well ❤



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