Walking through The Watershed in Cape Town and spotting this boutique was love at first sight.

From the vibrant colors and prints to the fitted bodice and full skirt, it was as if the designer had masterfully created the perfect all-occasion summer dress.  The Nama Collection was at the top of my purchase list during my trip to South Africa and is the featured brand for Part II of my South African Fashion series.


The Nama Collection was created by Ugandan born and South Africa-based fashion designer and model, Patricia Namayirira. Namayirira combines African fabrics with modern designs to develop her collection, which includes a range of pieces from dresses to shorts and pants sets. Her design style embraces the growing movement to honor tradition and authenticity while moving into modern aesthetics. Her pieces are not only stunning, but are made with ethnically sourced fabrics from across the continent of Africa.

This dress is cut in one of my favorite styles for dresses. The neckline is flattering and the silhouette creates a regal daytime look. It is appropriate attire for a variety of occasions, including both casual and slightly formal daytime outings. For the work place, try pairing it with a cardigan or summer linen blazer to create a business casual look.





If you ever visit Cape Town, do not leave without spending at least a few hours exploring The Watershed artisan market at the V&A Waterfront. Be sure to stop by the Nama Collection boutique, which is located inside the market. You can also shop the Nama Collection online.

I hope you enjoyed discovering another talented fashion designer in South Africa. Stay tuned for the third part of  my South African Fashion Series!

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