White sand, pristine beaches, summer fashion…

I kicked summer off in South Africa, visiting Johannesburg and Cape Town. There is so much to see and experience in Cape Town. The beauty of the natural landscape along with the architecture earn it the well deserved title of one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


It’s the beginning of winter in South Africa during this time of year, but we were greeted by mild temperatures in the mid 60s (a stark contrast to the cold winters in most parts of the states). The weather was perfect for exploring, though the temperature at night was cooler. We also visited during the low tourism season, so the cities and sights were not over crowded.


Our adventures in Cape Town took us from the top of Table Mountain (one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World), to an intimate walking tour of Langa (the oldest township in city), and to Clifton Beach. Clifton beach is one of the most popular beaches in Cape Town. It’s a set of four beaches and number 4, where we visited, is infamously regarded as the beach to strut “toned figures and body building”. The water was a bit too cool for swimwear, but we did catch a picturesque sunset on the beach and dipped our toes into the ocean. The mountain provided a breathtaking backdrop and we were enclosed by the beautiful beach homes along Sea Point.


The beauty of Cape Town can not over shadow the recent dark history of Apartheid, however. Our trip would not be complete without a visit to Robben Island, a site where political prisoners were imprisoned under harsh conditions during Apartheid, including Nelson Mendela who spent 18 years in prison on the island. We toured the eerie island by bus and listened to a personal account from a former political prisoner who at the age of 19, was sentenced to the island for conspiracy against the South African government.

South Africa is a country I would love to visit again. In the coming weeks, I will be showcasing a few South African designers I discovered during the trip, so subscribe to my newsletter and learn about the latest in South African fashion!

Where are your summer travels taking you?

Outfit Details: Midi Ruffle Skirt – The Line by K || Corset Floral Ruffle Top – ASOS


8 Comments on “A Cape Town Beach Look

  1. Ayanna , Thanks for sharing your South African Experience. I to shall adventure to South African. You always take wonderful trips and give so much information . You look so beautiful . Can’t wait to see the fashion .


  2. You look so beautiful in the outfit. Cape Town is a place that I want to visit because of the history . Thank you for sharing this with us


    • Thank you!! My most memorable experience was our evening walking tour in the township, Langa. We learned so much about the lives of the people in the community and their history of resistance. We had dinner in a family’s home. It was incredible.


  3. Hi Ayanna, I tried to find your contact info on your blog without any luck, so I hope it’s okay I connect with you here in the comments! Please let me know if you’re doing collabs? If so, I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me on olivia@blogerize.com and then I’d love to tell you some more! Thanks 🙂


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