The solution is not always more clothes, but buying pieces that you will wear for years to come.

I celebrated my birthday last week with a mixture of relaxation and exciting festivities. I wore this BCBG dress for my birthday dinner that I purchased 10 YEARS AGO.  I styled the dress with a plaid blazer, purchased here, and my favorite boots right now by Silent D. A common belief about style blogging and being fashionable in general, is that it requires constant shopping  for new clothes. This has not been my experience, however. If you desire to build a versatile wardrobe with pieces that you will love for years to come, read my shopping tips below.


Be intentional when shopping trends

When shopping for something new, ask yourself, “Is this purchase just for now or something I imagine myself wearing years from now?”. The challenge with shopping for trends is that you will potentially build a wardrobe filled with pieces that you have little interest in as the trends fade.

Is it the trendiness of that item that attracts you, or the overall look? The plaid blazer, for example, has been a trendy fall and winter piece. For me, this standout look is versatile as well and I consider it to be a staple piece in my wardrobe.


Avoid impulse shopping

When shopping, I avoid buying on impulse. That means walking away from that beautiful ruffle top I may want in the moment, so when I do make purchases, I don’t have buyer’s remorse because my decision involved more thoughtfulness. Giving yourself some time to think about your purchases can help you determine if it is something you truly want or need. Wait a few days before finalizing that online purchase. I am amazed by how many items I never revisit after adding them to a shopping cart in an online clothing store. As a lover of shopping, sometimes good old fashion window shopping and trying on a few looks is enough to satisfy my desire for something new as well.

Incorporate versatile pieces that can be reworked in your wardrobe.

When I buy something, I imagine different ways it can be styled. Perhaps, it is a maxi dress that can also be worn open as a long top over jeans, a slip dress that can be layered during the cooler months, or a piece that can be styled for professional and casual events, like the blazer in this post.  I avoid purchasing pieces that I only intend to wear with one item in my closet. You can create a closet filled with simple staple pieces, but you do not have to limit yourself to this type of shopping to create versatility. Instead, buy a mix of statement and traditional staple pieces that you can mix and match. It also makes your wardrobe more exciting.


Invest in investment pieces

After transitioning from graduate school back into the professional world, I’ve been shopping for more investment pieces. Investment pieces are higher quality and usually more expensive pieces that are made to last longer than the clothes associated with fast fashion. I’ve also been buying more natural fabrics. These materials cost more, but they feel better on your skin and are also better for our health, in comparison to fashion made cheaply using harsh chemicals. Some investment pieces to consider adding to your wardrobe that I think are worth the splurge include a crisp blazer, ankle boots, sweaters/cardigans, and a pair of jeans with the perfect fit.



I hope you found these shopping tips helpful! Interested in revamping your wardrobe? Click here to learn more about my virtual and in-person styling services. Also, subscribe to my newsletter to receive regular style inspiration and updates.


**Updated 3/12/2019 to provide webpage link for style services.**

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