With Valentine’s day around the corner, red is the color to wear if you are thinking about looks to celebrate the day of love. Wearing red can be daring on any day. It exudes boldness and confidence, and according to research, can also increase your perceived self-attractiveness (i.e a quick pick me up). Red dresses are a common go-to look for Valentine’s Day, but perhaps your plans are more casual. This look is perfect for a casual date night or a playful look to celebrate Valentine’s day, in general.


I started with a vegan red leather skirt. It is an attractive piece I knew I could style for different occasions. Color choices are important when putting any look together. The color red safely pairs with black or white, but I opted to pair the skirt with grey and other neutrals, which also work well in the contrast to the bold color. Accordingly, I styled the skirt with a patterned top and sweater that incorporated greys and other neutral colors.


I wore lace pattern stockings, a fun accent, and black converse to complete the casual look. As I mentioned, this skirt can be styled for different occasions. If you desire to create a chic look, for example, pair a red skirt with a black fitted blouse and pumps, which instantly transform the look from casual to polished.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found some helpful tips on styling red. Whether you are celebrating love of self, love for others, or a combination of the two, I hope you have a great Valentines Day!

Outfit Details: Skirt – Anthropologie ||Blouse – H&M (old) || Sweater (old) || Tights – Urban Outfitters (old) || Shoes – Converse

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