Welcome December! For the past few years, the month of December has been a race against time to the end of the year. It is the month I launched my blog a few years ago, the month a launched my first business, and while I was in grad school was filled with long nights over the winter break as I prepared for hitting major benchmarks in the new year (like passing my dissertation defense). While this year was filled with accomplishments, like winning awards, finishing my PhD, landing my dream job in my field, there is one goal that I have honestly made less progress on than I aimed for. This year, I am not racing to the finish line to complete it, however, and here is why.



For most of us, our day to day activities are filled with meeting deadlines, measures that we internalize for success. For you, it may not be professional deadlines at all. How about, “Did I purchase this house by this date?”,  “Did I get married and have 2.5 children and a dog by this age?” I am a program evaluator, so I understand the immense importance of setting  SMART (specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and time-bound) objectives. As an evaluator, I also know that a margin of flexiblity is necessary. I’m realizing that I don’t always allow for flexibility with my own aspirations and personal endeavors, however. In fact, not meeting my personal deadlines absolutely pains me. This year, however, instead of racing to the finish line I am accepting that beautiful things  take time. I thought about a statement made to me my dissertation advisor when I wanted to push up my timeline to finish my Ph.D. a semester early. Essentially,  goals are important and meeting your deadlines are great, but what do you gain from moving faster than necessary to get things completed just for the sake of sticking to a deadline?


I’ve made incredible progress in my new venture (developing my own fashion line), from completing a program on business development, to moving this idea from ideation to action, to identifying a co-operative for production. The road in launching your own business is challenging and unpredictable. It is also forcing me to slow down. I am respecting the process that comes along with creating something impactful, beautiful, and meaningful. Time is fluid and ultimately, God’s timing is always perfect.

Cozy Sweater

Perhaps, it’s the increasingly pervasive microwave mentality that leads us to applying unnecessary pressure to get everything completed quickly.  Tomorrow, or January 1st, however is another day to continue the journey. I look forward to sharing more of this journey in the coming months as I move closer to launching my first collection. What are you wrapping up before the end of the year?

Outfit Details: Sweater – Anthropologie || Blouse – The Limited (old) || Leggings – Nasty Gal (old) || Shoes – Anne Klein

1 Comment on “A Cozy Fall #OOTD and Not Racing to the Finish Line

  1. While !, Ms. Robinson what powerful words. Thank you . It so true how we tend to rush around trying to beat the clock of deadlines. Thanks again with the reminder of slowing down and taking the time to take deep breaths and enjoy life. It is said that one can eat an elephant one bite at a time.🐘


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