Because every day is a disco…

Recently, one of my coworkers asked for some advice on how to incorporate metallics into his wardrobe. It was a timely conversation, as I was brainstorming this post on styling metallic accent pieces into your everyday looks. As a lover of all things embellished and sparkly – from pants, to clutches, to dresses, and shoes  – this post offers some style tips on styling metallic pieces into casual looks.

Wearing metallics is often associated with night time looks or festive occasion-wear, but metallics are appropriate for day time and casual looks as well. In general, a few points to consider when styling metallic pieces are choosing complimentary colors and choosing a single metallic piece to accent your look. I discuss these points in the examples below.

Metallic Shoes

My general philosophy for casual looks is to choose one accent piece as the focal point of the look.  These metallic oxfords, for example, can be worn in the work place. They look great with business casual looks (e.g. skirts, dresses, and slacks), as well as, jeans. I found the pair pictured above at DSW a few years ago. A similar look can be found here and here.

Another point to consider when styling metallic pieces is the color scheme of your outfit. I like pairing silver metallic pieces with cool colors, like blue. Gold metallics, on the other hand, pair well with neutral tones. Although styling metallic pants may seem a bit more challenging to pull off during the day, when styled appropriately they can still fit seamlessly into a daytime look.

Metallics Pants 2 (2)

The silver metallic pants I am wearing, found here, again pair well with blue. Since the pants are the statement piece, I kept the the rest of my outfit simple by pairing the pants with a blue and white tunic (I made this top myself) and a blue crochet duster (an old purchase).  A denim button down top or denim jacket paired with a similar silver metallic bottom would achieve the same effect.

Incorporating metallic pieces into your outfit is a simple way to add some pizzazz to an otherwise ordinary look. I hope these suggestions on styling metallic pieces are helpful. Thank you for reading! You can find more style inspiration on my Instagram account @ayannainbloom.

Have a great weekend!





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