Hello everyone! I hope February is off to a great start.

With over 850 brands, ASOS is a powerhouse in online retail. In my experience, shopping at ASOS can be like journeying through a never-ending search for treasures. There are so many options and I have been caught searching through endless pages, clicking “Next page, next page” . Can anyone else relate?

For this post, I am making your ASOS shopping experience a little easier by rounding up my favorite ASOS brands. I think you will love them just as much as I do.

#InvestInAfrica: ASOS Made in Kenya

Made in Kenya is my favorite. If you have read my previous posts, you may have noticed that I am interested in ways in which fashion intersects with my career as a public health professional and other social issues, particularly related to women and children. The ASOS Made in Kenya line is a collaboration between ASOS designers and a manufacturing unit in Kenya, SOKO, that provides people in the community with a means to obtain a livable wage through training, craftsmanship, and entrepreneurship. The women (and men) who make the clothing at SOKO receive a fair wage, which in turn, they can use to pay for educational expenses, health care, and support their families. Poverty, income, education (e.g. socioeconomic status) are social determinants of health and artisan approaches are one of my favorite ways to connect two of my passions: public health and fashion.

ASOS Made in Kenya.JPG

FullSizeRender2FullSizeRender4Abstract Print

I wore this dress from the Made in Kenya line (found here) over the weekend. It is art in motion.

Indie Looks: ASOS White

ASOS White has an indie feel, bringing asymmetrical silhouettes and deconstructed fashion.Β  If you are looking for accent pieces, ASOS White provides re-imagined staples. This shirt from the line was a part of a another look I wore recently. I wore the top, which is on sale right now and found here, with harem pants and pumps for a fun casual look.



The pieces below are also favorites from the ASOS White collection.


Occasion Wear: Fame and Partners

Formal occasion? Bespoke fashion retailer, Fame and Partners, has a collection of dresses specifically curated for ASOS. The dress below is one of my favorites from the current collection available on ASOS, just in time for Valentine’s Day. For a lower price point, I also recommend Paper Dolls.

Fame and Partners

What are your favorite brands to shop at ASOS? Thank you for stopping by! Have a great weekend!

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