My posts often feature a mix of new and old items from my closet or multiple ways to style different pieces. With all of the shopping deals and statements on what we need to buy for stylish holiday attire, I decided to create a list for holiday outfit ideas with pieces you probably already have in your closet.

But first, a holiday-inspired look…

Perfect for holiday gatherings, I started with this high-waist pencil skirt when putting this look together. I’ve had this skirt for at least four years! The sequin details, signature during the holiday season, are a mix of pastel pink, gray, and light blue colors. I paired it with a pink over-sized off-the-shoulder sweatshirt by H&M Conscious (found here).

A chunky sweater or an over-sized sweatshirt paired with a straight or full skirt is a subtle contrast that still creates a very feminine look.

14AI wore color block pumps, also old, which accented the pink color scheme I used throughout this look. Finally, I accessorized with a pearl necklace and pompom earrings, found here.


Here are a few things you may have in your closet that will create festive holiday looks and a few looks for inspiration.

  1. Black full midi skirt
  2. Red Sweatshirt or cable knit sweater
  3. Black high-waist pencil skirt
  4. Faux fur shawl or vest
  5. Plaid shirt (love this idea with a full, mid-length tulle skirt) or skirt
  6. Leopard Print – pumps, flats, or top
  7. Festive heels
  8. Anything with sequin!

Holiday Outfit 1holiday outfit 2

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Enjoy the holiday season!

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