Photos by Kristin Fields
I celebrated my birthday in part by going to see the Internet perform live. It was a serendipitous chain of events that led to me actually getting concert tickets. It began with me announcing in one moment that I would like to see the Internet in concert. The next moment I was searching online for upcoming concerts, only to find that they would be performing at an already sold out concert in Atlanta the day before my birthday. The story gets better. I scrolled down my computer screen a little further and was surprised to see that not only was a second show added, but the second show was going to be on my birthday and the tickets were going on sell the very next day. Serendipitous.


So what does one wear to an Internet concert? A friend of mine jokingly said “I can imagine just the type of crowd the Internet draws” and threw out of few descriptions of their attire. Hilariously, her visualization was quite accurate, but at the crux is the expressiveness that you generally feel in these types of environments. It translates into a style that is less about name brands or trends and more about self-expression. In environments like this you find that whatever you wear, you just own it.


Like the woman who shops at thrift stores and always looks like she stepped off of a NYFW runway, “You own your style like you own your used car” – Sophia Amoruso. I pieced this outfit together from what seems like hodgepodge of random stores, some that I rarely shop at and others that I frequent more often. These stretch fit jeans, for example, are from Old Navy and were given to me as a birthday present. I have nothing against Old Navy, but I can’t remember the last time I shopped there outside of shopping for my daughter. Owning your style means that you can mix and match items from anywhere, which is great for your budget. It also means you can make whatever you where your own, unique, and for lack of a better term, Fly.


In a few words I would describe my personal style as bold, creative, feminine, and versatile. How do you describe your style?

Thanks for stopping by!


Jeans: Old Navy, Eyelet Shell Top: TopShop, Jacket: Forever 21, Boots: Urban Outfitters

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