Photographer: Kristin Fields



Shoes: Wanted (available here) | Sheer Top: Free People | Plaid Blouse: The Limited | Jeans: Urban Outfitters

Simple layers are one way to transition your wardrobe from warmer to cooler months. No surprise there. However, in the past I’ve been told, “I would never put these pieces together, but it works”. There is no secret ingredient to pulling seemingly contrasting pieces together, but I usually like to build on small accents, contrasting textures, or lines and shapes.
For this look, I started with this sheer tulle top as the focal point for creating a quick casual look. I look at this top and I see a lot of potential. It is a unique and flowing piece with embroidered details. During the summer, I wore it over cropped tank tops. A thin belt at the waist can also be added to create a peplum shape. During cooler months it can be layered in a variety of ways.  I usually wear it over a simple fitted and solid color top, but for this look, I thought it would fun to emphasize the lines created by the embroidery and layered the top over a plaid blouse. It’s a casual Friday so I pair it with jeans. The shoes are my favorite flats at the moment and they add another metallic accent to the outfit.
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